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Reliable Rental Car


Our Rental is now a few weeks over. ( Oct.-Nov.2018). You might recall , I had a stone damaging the left running board . You have charged  ~30 € , which is very reasonable. But I wanted, to tell you, that we were very pleased with the car and the service , you have provided. 

The car including the tyres was in very good condition.  Remarkable, during 5 rentals over many years I did with you and earlier Kessler, I never had a tyre problem, even using the car on rough streets in the Brandberg area and in the Caprivi stripe. Also, never one car left us with any trouble.

The service at the pick up station was excellent and I have observed, that your team gave very detailed instructions to people, who had less Namibian road experience .  All camping equipment and the roof tent were in good condition . Since the holiday experience is depending extremely on  car and equipment , this is a strong “plus” for your organization.

I am providing here also a few pictures which I have made personally and you have the right , to make use of them. Just let me kindly know, if you do so. Also, if you need higher resolution on the pictures, let me know.

With best wishes

Werner and Heidi

Campingurlaub in Namibia und Botswana
Fantastic trip to Namibia and Botswana

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