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Fantastic trip to Namibia and Botswana


Back home we are still dreaming about our fantastic trip to Namibia and Botswana, countries were we had never been before. We lived in Mozambique for 6 years long time ago, and used to travel to South Africa and some other african countries, but Namibia is unique...

We were very, very lucky to have rented the 2 cars from you. I was a bit afraid because I was travelling with my grandons and most of the others had never been to Africa before. So, to choose a company in which we could rely was our first priority. I read a lot of reviews on internet before I chose Caprivi Car Hire and I can tell you that you are still better than what we were expecting. Your cars are very good, tyres are brand new, but, above all, what impressed me the most was your deepest sympathy  and permanent availability to help and to make things become easier. 

We will miss you and next time we, or some of our friends, go to Windhoek, be sure that we do not search cars elsewhere.  

We can post this email on your homepage, as my statement. I can also post a statement on your page of Facebook.

I'll check if I have a nice photo with your car, but may be this can take a bit longer as I may need to contact our friends, which took much more photos  than me,  and they do not live nearby.

Warm regards

Eliseu Fernandes


Reliable Rental Car
Namibia - A land to enjoy

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