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Great outdoors, wildlife and fantastic landscapes


We did a fantastic two weeks roadtrip in Namibia in January 2021 with a Toyota Hilux from Caprivi Car Hire which took us to deserts, coastline and parks in the North of the country. Due to the pandemic even the most popular places were not crowded at all, and many times we were the only visitors of the day. Namibia has very low population density and precautions taken against the pandemic are effective and followed by everyone which makes it a perfectly safe place to visit. Combine with great outdoors, wildlife and fantastic landscapes and you’re in for a memorable trip.

While most gravel roads in the country can be managed with normal cars, we’d highly recommend a Hilux because it adds a lot of comfort and safety to the long drives and also allows you to go to some sights which are only accessible by 4WD. The car was in very good condition, with all necessary materials and spare tires.

Staff was very helpful and friendly and immediately responding not only when we had an absolutely minor problem with the car but from the early beginning. Not to forget the offer of the best coffee after the long flight.

Great pictures of Namibia
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