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Excellent and very friendly service


Caprivi is definitely the right choice when looking for a strong, reliable and reasonably priced vehicle with excellent service for your Namibia trip. Brand new tires, perfectly maintained vehicle condition, great driving characteristics (robust 4x4 drivetrain, large auxiliary fuel tank,…) and complete camping equipment (table, chairs, cutlery, gas cooker, fridge with separate battery, easy accessible and rain-proof rooftop-tent,…) give you everything you need to enjoy your trip through Namibia.

Challenging road conditions, deep sandy tracks and long stretches without infrastructure make the vehicle an essential part of the trip, choosing the right provider is accordingly very valuable.

Service is excellent and very friendly - including a pickup from the airport and easy-to-follow introduction of all vehicle functions and equipment, 24/7 hotline in case of any issues, and very fair contractual handling during and after rental.

Will come again - Thanks team!
Tim H

Amazing experience with Carivi Car Hire
Powerful car in perfect condition

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