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5 star performance


A small company with a 5 star performance and a personal touch. When we picked up our car, there was a very complete explanation of the car and the camping equipment. We got explanation about how to drive a 4x4 vehicle; about the rooftent etc. The camping equipment was in a good condition and nothing was missing.

The car was in a very good shape with very good tires. It decreased a change of a flat tire. We had 2 spare tires so what could happen to us.
We didn't have any problems during our journey. We drove more than 5500 km with a save feeling.

The last day of our holiday our passports were stolen.

Caprivi helped us, to arrange a hotel to stay and brought us to the consulate. It was a very good service from a company that's worth more than 5 stars.

Greetings from the Netherlands

 Only good experiences with Caprivi
Caprivi offered the best price and quality

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