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Perfect car for a magnificient country


We just arrived from a trip using Caprivi Car Hire Toyota Hilux vehicule equiped with camping equipment. We truly recommend their service. The car was in perfect shape, camping equipment was very usefull we had all what we needed. Two fuel tank and two extra wheel where perfectly safe to perform the +3000km trip we did in 16 days.

Caprivi made our transfert from Windhoek airport, it was very confortable and we received lot of informations about the country. Then explanation on the vehicule were very detailed and relevant. The team was available by phone everytime we needed to which is a real plus.

In one word, you can proceed with trust using Caprivi, you will have proper car, equipment and support to enjoy as much as you can Namibia, an awesome and magnificient country.

VIDEO: Namibia - The Africa you have to see!
Exceptional Service

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